SHR Continues Talks with San Pasqual Union Elementary School

Last April, we had the opportunity to hear from residents, parents and members of the San Pasqual Union School Board regarding their concerns over Safari Highlands Ranch children attending the school. Our big takeaway was their concern about kids’ safety as they arrive and depart each day.

We agree, and it’s why we are steadfast in our desire to keep the communication lines open. We want to ensure that the Project will be an asset to help fix these problems in the event that Safari Highlands Ranch is ultimately approved for development.

Since that community forum, we’ve been busy discussing reasonable and practical solutions with the school staff and Board members. A representative from the County Board of Education recommended that Safari Highlands Ranch hire the architect who originally designed the school and campus to provide ideas and solutions. This is an excellent suggestion that we’re currently pursuing.

Rest assured, we’re working hard on this and other issues and look forward to being part of solutions to the neighborhood. Stay tuned!