Safari Highlands Ranch to Bring Enhanced Fire Protection Services and Public Safety to San Pasqual Valley

Safari Highlands Ranch to Bring Enhanced Fire Protection Services and Public Safety to San Pasqual Valley

Safari Highlands Ranch is dedicated to being a responsible neighbor for the existing San Pasqual Valley community. The community is designed to enhance public safety and fire protection services by improving emergency response times and access, not only for the project itself, but for the surrounding neighborhoods and school.

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) prepared to study the project shows that Safari Highlands Ranch would help slow fire spread, provide emergency services not currently available in the area and achieve a development that is less susceptible to wildfires than the surrounding landscape.

Public safety improvements include a new, fully-equipped 7,000-square-foot fire station constructed free of cost to the City of Escondido. This is possible because Safari Highlands Ranch will construct and equip the fire station. Additionally, the majority of funding needed to support ongoing operations at the fire station will be provided by the taxes and fees generated by the new homes, as well as a special assessment district placed on Safari Highlands Ranch for this purpose, in exchange for the City’s commitment to operate the station.

In addition to the fire station, Safari Highlands Ranch will provide the community with an alternate emergency access route. The route provides a critical new exit from the San Pasqual Valley to the northwest in a community where the only available access is to/from the south. Most importantly, this new facility will enable the delivery of emergency services to the San Pasqual Valley within minutes, helping to save lives in an emergency situation in which every second counts. Safari Highlands Ranch will also connect to and improve Zoo Road as an additional emergency access route.

With its oversized fuel modification zones and state of the art fire safe measures, Safari Highlands Ranch will also serve as a defensible fire break for existing San Pasqual communities, creating a new front line of defense in the event of a wildfire. The community’s thoughtful fire safe planning and proposed safety measures completed by some of the industry’s top wildfire experts will help create stronger protections for new and existing San Pasqual Valley communities in the event of a wildfire.

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