Renovating Eagle Crest Golf Course – Hole 14

By September 7, 2016 Blog No Comments

We recently shared that if the Safari Highlands Ranch project is approved, we will provide the Eagle Crest Golf Course funds for a new 4,000-sf clubhouse. In addition, we’ve also agreed to rebuild hole 14, provide resources to refurbish other holes and landscaping, and purchase 275 pre-paid golf memberships.

In redesigning #14, our overarching goals are to make the hole 1.) visually stunning and challenging, like a signature hole, 2.) protect existing residences along its frontage from errant golf balls, and 3.) mitigate the visual and sound impact from the new Safari Highlands Ranch Road.

This conceptual design and rendering from our golf course architect, Cal Olson, meets these objectives.

As you can tell from the cross-sections, significant mounding and landscaping is proposed to mitigate any noise or visual impacts of Safari Highlands Ranch Road from the homes on Sprucewood Lane.


Hole 14