Minimizing Traffic Impacts With Signalization

By September 19, 2016 Blog No Comments

We’re often asked how we’ll minimize traffic impacts if the Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) project is approved. While we recently hired Lord Architecture to work with school officials to develop solutions to revamp the pick-up and drop-off area at the school on Rockwood, there are many other solutions we’re looking to implement.

For example, we have proposed to provide a new signal at the intersection of Rockwood and Cloverdale, which would allow for two left hand turning lanes, a new signal at Hwy 78 and Citrus, as well as revised signalization at Cloverdale and Hwy 78, also allowing for two left hand turning lanes.

We’ve heard concerns expressed from residents about safety of the existing intersection at Rockwood and Cloverdale; having to merge into fairly high speed traffic on Cloverdale. We’re pleased that this new signal will address those concerns. However, some may wonder if this traffic signal might increase the congestion during pick-up hours at the school. The answer is no. It will actually really help! The “smart” signal will in fact decrease the congestion by allowing a stream of pick-up traffic heading home to turn left from Rockwood onto Cloverdale safely from two left turn lanes, without each vehicle individually having to try to merge into traffic traveling at high speeds on Cloverdale.