Fire Protection Plan: A Comprehensive Approach

Last month we shared how we’re making fire protection a key objective for the proposed Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) development. In addition to using twice the amount of fuel modification zones than typically required, we’re working diligently to incorporate many other site enhancements that are designed to facilitate emergency apparatus and personnel access throughout the site. Many of these features will assist responding firefighters through prevention, protection and suppression capabilities. For instance:

  • Buildings will be constructed of ignition resistant construction materials based on the latest codes.
  • Access to the site’s open space area will be provided via designated points that are spaced on average every 650 lineal feet with a maximum of 1,300 feet.
  • Fire apparatus access roads will be constructed throughout the community and provide at least the minimum required unobstructed travel lanes, lengths, turnarounds, parking spaces and clearances.
  • Firefighting staging areas/temporary refuge areas will be available throughout the facility as well as along roadways and site green spaces.
  • Water capacity and delivery will provide a reliable source for normal operations as well as during emergencies when extended fire flow is required.

“The SHR FPP utilizes a comprehensive approach to fire protection. It bases fire safety measures on a site-specific fire risk assessment and develops a performance-based approach to mitigate that risk. The FPP confirms that the required fire codes will be applied and, where necessary, requires measures exceeding the code,” said Michael Huff, Principal Fire Protection Planner at Dudek’s, certified forester and wildland fire ecologist, and San Diego County qualified fire protection planner. “All of the measures required by the project’s fire protection plan are part of a redundant system where no single measure is relied upon. The system functions to provide fire fighters not only with the resources they need, but also focuses on minimizing the need for fire fighter intervention through wide fuel mod buffers, ignition resistant structures with interior sprinklers, available water, fire access, an on-site fire station and an evacuation plan.”

We’ve gone to great lengths to make safety a top priority not only for the proposed SHR development, but for the nearby communities as well.