Emergency Access Roads

Finally! Another way out of the San Pasqual Valley in the event of an emergency. A question that we’re frequently asked is how are we going to alleviate more congestion in the event of an emergency evacuation.

The answer is, we will build a brand new 2.4 mile emergency access road (Stonebridge Road) that will provide all the residents of the Valley a way to evacuate in a completely new direction. All roads no longer lead to the 78. In addition, this emergency access road will have water sources at key points for fire engines, as well as nearby hydrants to effectively fight any fires coming from the North.

SHR will have a total of three access points, including two emergency access routes in/out of the project. One of these emergency access routes will connect to Zoo Road heading to the south of our property to Hwy 78 and one, described above, will leave the northwestern corner of SHR and head to the Northwest out to Valley Parkway.

These roads will not only be available to the SHR community for evacuation, but open to all the citizens of the surrounding neighborhoods in the event of an emergency.