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Local Road Improvements

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Safari Highlands Ranch will deliver a set of specific road improvements and contribute an additional
$4 million for improvements to local roads and intersections near the proposed community. As a result, every studied intersection or road in the City of Escondido will maintain or improve its current flow of traffic. Safari Highlands Ranch’s specific road improvements include:

Project Map

  1. The intersection of Citrus Avenue & San Pasqual Valley Road will be enhanced to prevent left-hand turns onto eastbound San Pasqual Valley Road.
  2. A new traffic signal and turn lane will be constructed at Summit Drive & San Pasqual Valley Road.
  3. Multiple improvements will occur at and along Rockwood and Cloverdale Roads, including:
    a. Installing a new traffic signal;
    b. Restriping to add a second westbound lane on Rockwood Road turning south;
    c. Creating a raised median from Cloverdale to the school; and
    d. Providing a new, safer route to school with a crosswalk on Rockwood Road.
  4. A new traffic signal will be installed at San Pasqual Road and Old Milky Way.
  5. New dual turn lanes will be added to improve the SR-78 approach to Cloverdale Road.
  6. A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Ryan Drive and San Pasqual Road.
  7. Northbound and southbound turn lanes at Bear Valley Parkway will be lengthened, and traffic lights will be updated to include adaptive signal timing.