New Fire Station Could Cut Insurance Rates In Half

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The Safari HUrban Fire Station Houseighlands Ranch proposal includes provisions to add vital resources such as  an essential fire station in the area. The main benefit of this new fire station is enhanced safety due to significantly reduced response times for emergency services. But also of significant benefit will be its impact to homeowners insurance rates, both for those within and adjacent to the development.

Currently, emergency response times for this area are well outside of Escondido’s established standards and also well outside the normal underwriting parameters of the insurance industry. A new fire station in this region will address both the real safety concerns and financial impacts of each homeowner caused by this issue, which is why it is important to us.

We have consulted with residential home insurance experts for the region and estimate that a fire station in the area could reduce individual premiums by as much as 50 percent. That’s a significant savings – as much as $2,000 per year for each homeowner!

Rockwood Road – Level of Service To Stay The Same

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With the Safari Highlands Ranch proposal to add more homes to the San Pasqual Valley, nearby residents have asked how the additional vehicle traffic will impact Rockwood Road. The short answer is, after the mitigation measures are installed, the level of service on Rockwood Road, will continue to function at the same level of excellence.

First, a quick background. Roadways receive a Level of Service (LOS) rating between A and F, with D being the acceptable benchmark. Ratings E and F demonstrate a significant impact. This qualitative measure is used by traffic engineers to evaluate how roadways are functioning. The entire City of Escondido’s current LOS is C, and the City of San Diego as well as San Diego County are rated D.

Today, Rockwood Road’s LOS is B and functioning very well by this objective standard. More important, the road will stay at that level  due to our proposed improvements, if Safari Highlands Ranch is approved as currently planned.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. The bottom line – the level of service on Rockwood Road will remain the same. As neighbors, this is very important to us and we’re glad to help make sure this is so.

No Net Student Increase to San Pasqual Union School

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It’s no surprise that San Pasqual Union School District (SPUSD) has a stellar reputation. Parents, students, staff, volunteers, supporters, administrators and Board members hold a very special place in their heart for the “Little School in the Valley.” We’ve heard that parents value small class sizes and the close knit community atmosphere. Those are some of the qualities that make the school so attractive, and it’s our goal to preserve those values.

One of the biggest misunderstandings surrounding Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) is the misconception that the proposed development will increase the size of the current student population, resulting in larger class sizes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If approved, SHR will have a no net increase in student enrollment.

Here’s why:

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You Spoke, We Listened: Water Reclamation Plant Removed

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In an effort to design a sustainable community, we originally planned to construct a water reclamation plant for Safari Highlands Ranch. As we continued with our discussions, we learned that many residents and city planners didn’t want this type of a facility in a neighboring community. We heard those concerns loud and clear. As a result, we’ve reconsidered the idea.

Now, our plan is to eliminate the reclamation plant while still obtaining reclaimed water by tapping into Escondido’s expanding reclaimed water pipeline. One of the benefits is that this will also provide access to reclaimed irrigation water that can be fed to neighboring community assets, such as the Eagle Crest Golf Course, Rancho San Pasqual and Rancho Vistamonte. This will also bring significant savings — as much as 10% on water bills — for the golf course and local HOAs. Read More

SHR Continues Talks with San Pasqual Union Elementary School

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Last April, we had the opportunity to hear from residents, parents and members of the San Pasqual Union School Board regarding their concerns over Safari Highlands Ranch children attending the school. Our big takeaway was their concern about kids’ safety as they arrive and depart each day.

We agree, and it’s why we are steadfast in our desire to keep the communication lines open. We want to ensure that the Project will be an asset to help fix these problems in the event that Safari Highlands Ranch is ultimately approved for development. Read More